Terrie L Culver & Associates Law



Does your firm have interpreters?

Yes. Our firm has interpreters for Polish, Russian, Serbian and Spanish.

Does your firm charge at an hourly rate?

Our firm fee structure is flexible depending upon your financial restrictions and the work to be performed by the attorney assigned to your case or situation. Fee structures are hourly or monthly and will be discussed upon evaluation of your situation.

Does your firm accept credit card payments?

No. However our firm does accept checks, cash, certified funds, wires, MoneyGram, bank bill payment, and Western Union. If wired funds, you will be charged incoming wire fee as this fee is charged by the firm's bank.

Does your firm require a retainer or deposit prior to providing legal fees?

Yes. All new clients will be required to pay an initial retainer/deposit. Payment arrangements can be discussed with the firm, if necessary.

Does your firm handle contract disputes whether personal or business?

Yes. Our firm does handle personal or business contract disputes.

In foreclosure cases and situations, does your firm handle both residential and commercial?

Yes. Our firm handles both residential and commercial foreclosure cases and situations.

How much experience does your firm have in foreclosures, loan modifications and short sales?

Our firm has been handling foreclosure defense since 2005, short sales since 2005 and loan modifications since 2009. Also, our firm will negotiate deficiency judgments on your behalf.

Can your firm help me if I am being evicted?

Our firm will do it's best to help all clients including those being evicted.

Does your firm handle mortgage securitization - where my mortgage can be tracked to determine who owns my mortgage or note?

Yes. Our firm works with a very reputatable company who has been doing mortgage securitization since 2005. The president of the company has testified multiple cases throughout the United States.